Some Assembly Required!!!

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Fessi's birthday is August 7th, but seeing as how we were going to fly back to the desert on the 6th, any and all celebrations of the fact that the man actually managed to live for 44 years were going to have to be held before that if we wanted to enjoy some of the fun.
At his house in Havasu Fessi has a hammock that he bought just after he bought the house.  It resides on his back patio and he finds the exercise he gets climbing in and out of the damn thing to be beneficial.  Not to mention he enjoys laying in it for long periods of time, or at least until he needs another bier.
Some Assembly Was Required!!
After All The Trouble Teri Went Through To Wrap It......
Since the man is a little hard to buy for when it comes to gifts, Teri came up with the idea of getting him a hammock for his back yard in Uitikon.  After consulting with Sylvia about the possibility of actually being able to find one in Switzerland the two of them set off one afternoon in search of the elusive "Hangematte".  It actually only took a couple of phone calls for Sylvia to find one in Zürich and a little imagination for the two of them to come up with an excuse to hop in the Volvo and drive into the city to pick it up.
The hard part was getting Fessi out of the house so that we could put the thing together and surprise the birthday boy.  Marian (an old friend of Fessi's mom) was supposed to come to dinner that night and we figured when he went to pick her up we would get the job done.
Unfortunately Fessi decided that this would be the day that he would fix the water leak in the "camping car" (motor home).  This is another story altogether which in deference to Fessi I won't share with you other than to say that a one hour job turned into an all afternoon ordeal.
Anyway while Fessi was doing his best to play plumber on a motor vehicle he decided that he didn't have time to pick up Marian and wanted Sylvia to do it instead.  This obviously threw somewhat of a monkey wrench into Teri's plans and Sylvia had to plead ignorance of how to get to Marians house .  Much to the aggravation of Fessi.
Who's Jack Is This????
He's In There Somewhere
Consequently Fessi finally went to get Marian and the project of "Some Assembly Required" began.  Joe realized quite quickly that even when he thought it best to read the instructions first for once before putting something together, it's kind of hard when you can't read German!!!!
Luckily there were pictures as well and after only taking it apart once or twice the "Hangematte" was ready to accept it's first passenger so to speak.
Most of Fessi's aggravation disappeared when he came back and discovered his hammock waiting for him in the back yard.  Not only that but Teri even made sure that his favorite libation was nestled within.  Although according to Fessi he won't be consuming any more Jack Daniel's for a long, long time.
The reason for this will become obvious  when you get to the last page of this little  travel log.
Page 7 - Four Countries in One Day!!