From Sea to Shining Sea
And a BUNCH of stuff in between!!!

Are We There Yet???

This trip has been an experience we shall never forget and hopefully one day we will repeat, although on a somewhat smaller scale. That is not to say that we didn't have the time of our lives, its just that with all that traveling it didn't leave as much time for relaxation as it might otherwise have.

When we set up camp, the average time we would spend in a particular place was about 5 nights. There are spots that we would love to return to and spend a couple of weeks. Gavleston for example was without a doubt our favorite place. Very friendly folks, reasonable prices and typical Texas Gulf Coast Weather in February.

Where would we recommend you skip on a trip like this?? New Orleans undoubtedly was someplace we would have been better off without. Don't get us wrong, we had fun there. But unless you actually live in some inner city project, you probably are not going to be shall we say, comfortable!!

A lot of people have commented that the fuel prices must have been brutal. Well DUH!!! The extortion that we pay to our oil companies was expected and part of the budget from the start, although they did tend to get a little greedy around the end of March beginning of April. When you get down to it though, we were only paying on average about 20¢ per mile for fuel.

What it cost us to camp on the other hand surprised us somewhat. We expected to do a lot of boondocking. What we found out was that once you get east of New Mexico there just isn't anyplace to boondock!! Given the fact that we don't have much use for RV Parks that left us with State, County and even City campgrounds. Prices for these accommodations pretty much averaged around $20 per night sometimes less. Usually at this type of campground we had at least an electric hook-up and water. Dump stations were almost always on property if we needed one. The most economical places we found to stay were of course friends and relatives driveways.

While on the road between destinations we usually would find ourselves staying at a picnic area (Texas has great ones) or once we got back up north, we even found that Wal-Mart isn't such a bad place to stay when there isn't anyplace else.

All in all, we feel blessed to have been able to experience the places, people and sights that we visited on our journey. We would like to thank all whom we met along the way, new friends and old, for helping to make our trip what it was.

From the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Commiefornia to the Atlantic Coast in Daytona Beach Florida, we hope you have enjoyed the stories and pictures.

Until next time, may God bless...

Departure Date:
Dec. 25, 2004
Return Date:
April 14, 2005
Total Days Out:

Miles on Truck:
Miles on Bike:
Avg. MPG (Truck):
Avg. Fuel Price (Diesel):

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