Florida - The Sunshine State

Our travels along the gulf coast of Texas found us camping in state & county campgrounds. After our brief stay in the New Orleans area we continued east (crossing 4 states in one day) to Florida where we expected pretty much the same accommodations as Texas. WRONG!!!

The problem we had not given quite enough consideration was snowbirds combined with Spring Break!! Want to camp in a Florida State Park in March?? No problem, did you make a reservation??

So...by the time we had traversed half of the Panhandle of Florida we needed to make a decision, based on where we might be able to camp for a week or so. State Parks were definitely out. As it turns out, there is actually National Forest in Florida!! This may not come as a surprise to someone who lives in the east but to us Westerners it just didn't sound rational, so we checked it out.

As it turns out the Ocala National Forest is just that, a huge dense forest. Unlike the forests we are used to, this one is made up of not only pine trees, but palm trees. A strange sight indeed!! Also it is only 53 feet above sea level at the highest point.

Off to Ocala National Forest we went for a week or so of relaxing instead of traveling.


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