Delanera RV Park

February 24th thru April 2nd

After realizing that due to Spring Break on the Gulf Coast, camping spaces were at a premium, we elected to bite the bullet and stay in a dreaded R.V. Park for the duration of our stay in Galveston.

Delanera is actually a City owned RV park. The land was donated to the City of Galveston some years ago for the express purpose of a campground.

On the plus side, it is less expensive to rent by the month at an RV Park and $400 per month for being litterally ON THE GULF is a good deal. The down side is that it is an RV Park and the rigs are shoe horned into their spaces with hardly room to walk between them. The first space we had a Delanera we could not even put our awning out because our neighbor was too close. We fixed that problem by moving to another space within a few days but you can see why we usually do not stay at RV parks.

We did meet some really great folks while staying at Delanera. People like Ronnie & Mary made our stay in cramped quarters more than bearable. Go ahead and click on the link to the right and we'll take you along on our little adventure of living in an RV Park for over a month.

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