From Wyoming to Texas...
And a few places in between!!

Ahh, the epilogue, the end of the story, the final lesson, a look into what the subjects of our tale are doing now. Let us just say, it was time to go home and get jobs.

The weather in Cody invited us back with open arms. Temps in the 60's light breezes and a musty, closed up house. Okay, two out of three ain't bad. Unfortunately the day after our return it snowed ALL day long!! I guess we were being paid back for escaping most of the foul weather during the winter. Friends accused us of bringing the bad weather back with us and punishing them for staying. Sorry, we'll try to watch it next time!!

Our trip this winter was once again a blessing. The folks we got to meet along the way, the places we got to see and experience and the time we got to spend with each other, family and friends was priceless.

Although we no longer consider ourselves beginners to the RV world, we learned many lessons again this year. The biggest we suppose is that RV parks aren't really that bad if you're gonna stay for at least two weeks at a time, but choose carefully!!!

Other lessons might include, if you're gonna stay on the gulf coast make sure you have at least one can of WD40, if you don't know why, it will become evident the first time the steps on your coach rust into the out position or your can't get the hood open on your truck to check the oil, it's called RUST!!

Or between the hours of 4 & 9 pm at an RV park on Friday, it's a good time to sit back with a cocktail and watch tired, irritable commuter/campers try to shoe horn their rigs into a space in the dark without or before killing their spouses who are only trying to help.

Part time RVers unfortunately believe that getting to their destination is the first and foremost goal of any trip. If you're reading this and have little experience in the world of RV travel, please consider the following suggestion. It is called the rule of three and a half and it goes like this: 350 miles or 3:30 in the afternoon which ever comes first means the traveling day is OVER!!! Those who break this ''Rule'' while in a hurry to get to their ''Vacation Destination'' inevitably go to war with their spouses!! Or sometimes worse, hit something expensive while trying to manuever an even more expensive RV into a space that isn't much bigger than said RV.

Beyond the lessons which we include here simply for entertainment value, is the wonder of getting to explore the country we live in. Although some folks believe that living in a city is the only way to experience life, we prefer the wide open spaces of the country. The sights, smells and critters who still call rural America home. That and the people you meet along the way. From the eccentric (of which Joe has been referred to), to the outwardly normal to the obviously challenged, the people you meet while traveling are one of the true gifts given to those who chose this lifestyle.

To those who we met along our way this winter, we say thanks. Our adventure would not have been complete without our meeting. Hopefully we shall run into each other again some day, on some other journey to yet more unexplored places for each of us.

May God bless and may your travels far exceed your expectations while allowing you time to conjure new dreams.

Best of luck,
Joe & Teri

Departure Date:
Dec. 18, 2005
Return Date:
April 16, 2006
Total Days Out:

Miles on Truck:
Miles on Bike:
Avg. MPG (Truck):
Avg. Fuel Price (Diesel):

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