Galveston Island

January 27th thru February 10th

Last year during our travels we discovered Galveston Island Texas. The people are friendly, the prices are reasonable and the sights and activities are many.

With that in mind we decided to make Galveston Island our primary destination this winter. Texas State Parks allow you to stay for two weeks out of every four. The plan was to stay at Galveston Island State Park for two weeks then move to another state park possibly near Corpus Christi for a couple of weeks then back to Galveston.

Like I said, that was the plan. We did spend two weeks on the island then take off for Goose Island State Park near Corpus and South Padre Island. But upon our return we found out that when time came for us to move again we were in for problems due to spring break maxing out all the state parks.

To make a long story not that much shorter...what we decided after we had returned to Galveston was to move to a city RV park just at the end of the sea wall called Delanera for the remainder of our stay.

This as it turned out made it easy to stick around for another month or so as we were much closer to town and it actually cost less to stay at an RV park than a state park. Not only that but we got to meet some really neat people, also some interesting people and of course some down right odd people. And then some of them were all of the above.

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