Scouts Rest Ranch
North Platte, Nebraska

Living in Cody Wyoming tends to immerse you in a lot of things Buffalo Bill. Truth be told, William F. Cody only spent the latter part of his life in Wyoming. Previously he called North Platte Nebraska home.

A couple of years ago while returning from our winter adventure we came through North Platte. We only passed through but the place looked interesting if for nothing more than the history of Buffalo Bill surrounding the area.

This year we decided to stop off in North Platte for a few days to explore. Even the locals will admit, North Platte Nebraska just isn't much of a destination for tourists. Other than Buffalo Bill, locals are hard pressed to name something else that might capture the interest of travelers.

The worlds largest rail yard did come up as an attraction but Union Pacific has nothing more than a run down observation deck at one end of the yard that stretches on for miles. No history, no explanations of equipment, nothing. On the other hand, just on the outskirts of town lies the Scouts Rest Ranch, built by Buffalo Bill himself as a getaway when he was not performing.

So...on a balmy 90 degree day, we hopped on the bike (and forgot to leave the AC on in the camper) and went to explore what was left of over 6,000 acres of a ranch built by the worlds most famous scout, Buffalo Bill.

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