From Wyoming to Texas...
And a few places in between!!

December 18, 2005 to April 16, 2006

Our winter trip last year took us from coast to coast in search of a place we would like to land for a couple of months this winter. Ultimately we found and fell in love with Texas in general and Galveston Island in particular. they say, ''It's not the destination but the journey that matters.''

This years journey began December 18th with a trip to Las Vegas for Christmas with the girls and grandson Connor. Living a thousand miles away from the ''Kids'' has many advantages, but spending the holidays away from family is not one of them. We got to spend a few days K.O.A. (Kamping On Asphalt) in front of Shylahs house over the Christmas holiday. Baby girl Shawn and Shylahs half brother J.R. came up from Havasu for Christmas and we got to watch as Connor opened package after package after get the idea. After we had stayed camped in front of Shylahs house long enough to irritate her homeowners association we moved south to Foxes on the Colorado River.

Although Texas would be our final destination, we've spent the last several New Years Eve celebrations at Foxes Pierpoint Landing. Owners Spencer & Cathy Lowe have treated us like family over the years and we look forward to spending time at their resort visiting with old friends and enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

Foxes being only a short ride from Lake Havasu where daughter Shawn and Joe's dad still live is one more reason for us to spend a few weeks in Arizona. We also try to get out into the desert for a boondock camping trip with friends Buzzard & Charlene from Las Vegas. This years trip turned into an education and adventure beyond what we expected.

After spending a few weeks seeing old friends and family in the ''Land of Kitty Litter'' we took off for our final destination of Texas. Our reservations at Galveston Island State Park didn't begin until January 27th so we had a few days to explore other areas enroute. One that we found was Edna Texas and Lake Texana. What a cool place!! If you're looking for loads of shopping malls, fancy eateries and a Super WalMart on every corner, you're gonna be disappointed. But if you want to sit outside, eat chips, drink a beer and watch deer, racoons and armadillos saunter by almost within reach, you'll love Lake Texana State Park. We'll put Lake Texana on our list of places to stop while in Texas, you should too.

Our original plan while in Texas was to stay exclusively in State Parks. Texas State Parks are top notch in every respect, but you're only allowed to spend two out of every four weeks at any one park. Therefore we figured we'd spend two weeks in Galveston then a couple of weeks somewhere else then back to Galveston, so on and so forth for a couple of months.

Well...what we didn't take into account was Spring Break which tends to max out pretty much every Texas State Park on the gulf coast. Consequently we wound up at an RV Park in Galveston for the month of March which turned out to be not really so bad. We met some great folks there and some of them turned into friends. Unfortunately we also found out how damaging living that close to the gulf can be to equipment. Let's just say, if it's made of metal, it will rust or corrode, FAST!!!

Alas, after a couple of months of living the good life on the beach, we had to consider that we might have to go back home to get jobs so that we might be able to afford to do this again next year!! Sticking to the mantra regarding the journey and not the destination, the trip home took almost three weeks. Pushing ourselves while traveling just isn't our style ya know?

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